Missouri sportsmen, retailers and business leaders join forces to promote hunting

Contact: Tony Reiss
May 1, 2012

Missouri partnership to highlight economics of hunting

(Springfield, MO) – A broad group of local and regional leaders representing Missouri chambers of commerce, sporting organizations, small businesses and retailers today announced the launch of the Hunting Works For Missouri partnership. Stressing the major impact hunting has on Missouri’s economy, the organization pointed to sportsmen and sportswomen as key drivers of instate commerce.

“The Missouri Chamber of Commerce is excited to be a part of Hunting Works For Missouri. The Chamber’s mission is to protect and advance business and, make no mistake, hunting contributes a lot to the advancement of so many businesses in Missouri,” said Dan Mehan, Hunting Works For Missouri co-chairman and president and CEO of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “Hunting has become an economic engine to our state and local economies. We’re glad that this group has formed to highlight the positive impact hunting plays here in Missouri.”

According the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation, 609,000 people hunt in Missouri each year. Missouri hunters spend over $1.1 billion each year and the resulting economic impact translates to $96.8 million in state and local taxes, 24,500 jobs and a $1.48 billion ripple effect on the state economy.

Sam Ringenberg, Polaris brand manager at Clear Creek Vehicles thanked Hunting Works For Missouri for bringing attention to the various types of businesses hunting impacts. “A lot of people might drive by our business and not associate us with hunting,” said Ringenberg. “I see the effect hunters have on our business every day. From new hunters wanting the right tools for the job to more experienced hunters in need of a new machine or to tune up their machine for their latest excursions. Without hunters, our business would take a serious blow.”

This pattern of spending happens all over the state, with each hunter spending on average $1,848 per season on trip related expenses such as lodging, food and gas.

“We joined this effort because we know firsthand how important hunting is to the state and local economies of Missouri,” said Cecil Huff, owner and operator of Bucks and Spurs Ranch near Ava. “At Bucks and Spurs, we sell hunting packages each year. We know that we’re not the only business that benefits when we sell a hunt, all businesses in the area benefit when hunting season comes along. Hunters bring a lot of money to our town and many others that results directly in jobs and more tax revenue at the local level.”

The newly formed Hunting Works For Missouri partnership has over 50 partner organizations and will be adding dozens more in the weeks and months to come. The effort is being supported by organizations such as the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

“With businesses like Bass Pro Shops, Clear Creek Vehicles and Bucks and Spurs, it’s easy to see why the Springfield Chamber is so excited to be part of Hunting Works For Missouri. Hunting and shooting certainly has worked, economically, for Springfield and every other city and county in Missouri,” said Jeff Seifried, regional development manager with the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce. “Hunting works for our outdoor heritage as well. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Pittman-Robertson Act, which is an 11 percent excise tax on all hunting equipment. This money is used to conserve and restore habitat, which benefits game and non-game species, as well as anyone who loves the outdoors.”

The Hunting Works For Missouri partnership will monitor public policy decisions and weigh in on hunting-related issues that impact Missouri jobs. Hunting Works For Missouri will serve as a vehicle to facilitate important public policy dialogue and to tell the story of how Missouri’s hunting heritage positively effects conservation and jobs throughout the state.

About the Hunting Works for Missouri Partnership

Hunting Works For Missouri is a local grassroots partnership of organizations focused on hunting and the economics derived from these activities. Hunting Works For Missouri members are advocates for public policy that support jobs and economic prosperity. As a grassroots organization we explain the role that hunting and the shooting sports play in both the heritage and economic health of Missouri.

For more information on Hunting Works for Missouri, please visit www.HUNTINGWORKSFORMO.com